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Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
decades of experience in energy markets. he pored over thousands of documents and believes that the refineries were operating when they said me were offline. we can heard in may lots of announcements of closures and that could be an attempt to misinform the market. we have certainly seen that. tore could be an exercise in market power. >> reporter: he says there is not enough evidence to show any type of collusion among the conditions. he also says there is no watchdog agency in place. >> when a market place gets more and more and more concentrated, the opportunity for that market manipulation only increases. >> reporter: so we did speak with the manrepresents most of the california refineries and he says, look, the man who represents most of the california refineries says there is no conspiracy just simple supply and in demand. he said research all you want you won't find wrongdoing from them. we'll hear more from him at 6:00. i'm grace lee, live in san francisco. cbs 5. >>> also today, we learned that oil giant bp will pay a record $4.5 billion criminal penalty for the disastrous
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
ready to bring new energy and ideas to washington. >> the 113th congress is the youngest most inexperienced congress and so i don't see that as a liability. i see it as an opportunity to build new partnerships and relationships. >> stark has been representing california's 13th district for nearly 4 decades. but he was running this year in the newly redrawn 15th district. >>> it was a true lesson in sociology and politics for a group of students at san jose state university. their class project turned into the city raising its minimum wage. earlier this year, the students gathered enough support to put measure d on the ballot. and last night voters passed it with 59% of the vote. that will raise the minimum wage from 8 to $10 an hour. >> it will make a difference in my life, you know. i'll have more money for me to help myself with the rent or other bills. >> my price pretty low like around $5 for breakfast, probably i up the price maybe like 40 to 50 cents. >> workers in san jose can expect to get their raises early next year. >>> and for complete coverage of campaign 2012, he
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2